Jennifer Mill

Head of Marketing
Customer Portal and App

your Tenants
to Self-serve

Provide tenants with information and essential capabilities 24/7, empowering them to self-serve.


Help your tenants
to help you

Streamline processes and improve tenant satisfaction by offering tenants greater autonomy.

Empower tenants

The portal serves as a knowledge hub, providing tenants with critical information at their fingertips. From tenancy details to community resources, tenants can access everything they need and perform actions independently.

Cost savings and resource efficiency

Streamline operations by freeing up resources and allocating them more effectively. Enabling tenants to pay rent or report repairs online streamlines processes and reduces administrative costs.

positive rating
Enhanced tenant and customer satisfaction

Prioritising vulnerable tenants and focusing on critical tasks ensures that both tenants and customers receive timely assistance. This leads to higher satisfaction levels and better overall experiences.

Customer App and Portal

Empower tenants

  • 24 access
  • Choice of devices
  • Transparency
  • Convenience and accessibility
  • Efficient communication
  • Tenant satisfaction
Customer App and Portal

Tenant autonomy

Give customers the ability to see essential tenancy information, make amendments and drive actions from anywhere, anytime.

  • Update tenancy information
  • Pay rent and manage finances
  • Manage issues, report issues and raise requests
  • Community involment

Community engagement

Align your community engagement with all your digital communications channels. Allow tenants to actively participate in shaping services and solutions.

One system.
Endless opportunities

A complete Property Ecosystem for every stage of the life-cycle.