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Boost Efficiency by Streamlining your Data from a Single Source

Aareon Connects enables smooth and efficient data flow between systems; optimising business processes, reducing manual interventions and ultimately improving your overall operational efficiency

Empowering social housing providers for a digital future

Experience choice and flexibility using prebuilt integration connectors for your software

Efficient Say goodbye to the complexity of managing multiple software solutions. Aareon Connects simplifies the integration process, making it easier than ever to streamline your operations.  
Choice Create your digital ecosystem to your unique needs. Aareon Connect offers you the freedom to choose the best software solutions while maintaining a unified data source  
Future Proofed With Aareon Connect, you're not just investing in a solution for today; you're building a foundation for the future. Stay ahead of the curve and adapt to evolving industry needs effortlessly.  
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What does your Ecosystem look like?

Find the best solution for you

Your Aareon QL system helps you automate and accelerate basic business processes. Aareon Connect ensures easy connection of specialised software solutions and services from our partners. This allows you to optimally adapt your IT to your organisations requirements.

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How to utilise Aareon Connect

Tell us which partner solutions you are interested in


1. Choose a solution

All products and services from our partners can be connected to your Aareon QL Housing Management System via Aareon Connect.

2. Get in Touch

Are you interested in connecting one or more solutions offered? Then either fill in the contact form below or reference this page to your Account Manager directly.

3. Define Connection

Together with you, we will define the optimal connection of the partner solution* to the Aareon QL Housing Management System.

* If you are not yet using the chosen solution, you will need to purchase the solution directly from the provider.


4. Connect the Dots

We do all the hard work for you and finalise the integration between Aareon QL and the respective software partner.  Look forward to a more streamlined processes.
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