Aareon Connect FAQ

Got questions, check to see if your question is answered here before referring to your Aareon Account Manager.

What is Aareon Connect?

Aareon Connect is Aareon's new integration service

With the help of standardised interfaces and a uniform data model, Aareon Connect ensures that solutions and services from specialist software providers can be seamlessly connected to Aareon's HMS systems.
What does Aareon Connect include?

Aareon Connect allows you to connect your Aareon QL system to our growing range of partners. This consists of a wide range of digital solutions from strategic partners, technology partners, independent software vendors (ISV) and service partners.

The purchase of these software solutions (if not already made) is processed directly through the respective providers. Aareon Connect includes the technical connection to the Aareon QL.

How quickly can solutions from Aareon Connect's partner offering be connected to my ERP system?

The time frame for the connection varies depending on the depth of integration and the complexity of the required use cases. If these are already in place, a connection is possible within 1-4 weeks. If these have yet to be developed, the process takes correspondingly longer.

How many solutions can I connect via Aareon Connect?

With Aareon Connect, you can connect all the solutions with which we have concluded a partner agreement. There is no limit to the number of connections.

I already have a partner solution in use that is listed as a partner. Why should I connect to Aareon Connect?

Connecting Aareon Connect, even if you are already using an existing partner solution, offers you several advantages:

Continuous development:

Aareon Connect is constantly evolving. This means you can benefit from new features and enhancements that may not be available in your current partner solution. This evolution can help make your processes more efficient and productive.

Synchronization of data:

The integration of Aareon Connect ensures that your data is synchronised smoothly between all systems. This improves the accuracy and consistency of your data and prevents duplicate data collection. This way, you can save time and resources.

Growth potential:

Aareon Connect is constantly being expanded to include partner solutions that may also be of interest to your company. If your business grows in the future or has additional requirements, Aareon Connect and its partner ecosystem are well prepared to meet these needs.

In summary, the connection to Aareon Connect offers the opportunity to optimise your processes, reliably synchronise data and make your company future-proof.

Will Aareon be my point of contact for all the solutions I have connected via Aareon Connect in the future? No. The provider of the respective software product is and remains the responsible contact person for all questions relating to the product.
What is the Aareon Marketplace?
It refers to the network of various partners of solution and software providers in the housing industry who work together with Aareon. This can be a pure sales partnership (e.g. business partner) or a technological partnership between the partner and Aareon.
What does the Aareon Marketplace offer customers?

As a customer of Aareon, you will benefit from access to a growing network of quality software solutions covering many different use cases across the industry. Our integrations take place via standardised processes at the highest security level. No technical understanding is required. Everything is based on a low/no-code application. The processes run end-to-end and offer you maximum convenience.

Can I request an integration with my chosen software provider? Yes of course,  if you have a specific solution you want to integrate QL with then please go to the Aareon Connect Marketplace: https://marketplace.aareon.com/uk/product/uk-partner
Click 'Request Listing' and the bottom left side of the page to make this request. Our Partnership team can then review the Partner and will be in touch.
I have seen Locoia mentioned, what is Locoia?

Locoia is a subsiduary of Aareon, the technology offers "Low Code iPaaS solutions". The advantage of this platform lies in the simplicity of connecting partner solutions, scalable integration of partners through standard interfaces.